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Names :



(No cuts, No wounds, No blood, No pain, No stitches and Zero down time !)


Name :




Defined :

As the name itself suggests, Port-wine stain is a dark red color birthmark, which is commonly caused by malformed, dilated, over-abundance of blood vessels in the skin. The color of port-wine stains can range from pale pink to dark purple and can occur on any part of the body – face, neck, chest, shoulders or on the skull – remember H.E. Mikhail Gorbachev the former president of the Soviet Union.


Remoavl Of


Advised To :


Normally Port Wine Stains never fade away of their own. Any Individual aspiring to get rid of it is advised removal of this Birth Mark.

Who Can

Treat :

You are advised to look for the following internationally accepted certifications:

In India: M.Ch. (Magister Chirurgiae) or a D.N.B. (Diplomate of the National Board) (Plastic Surgery)

In the US and Canada: M.D. and Board Certified in Plastic Surgery or an FRCSC

In the UK: FRCS (Plastic Surgery)

Other European Nations: M.D. and Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery


Plastic surgeons usually complete training / fellowships in their sub-fields of interest at internationally acclaimed centers and you should take care to note if your surgeon mentions these fellowships or training periods along with their Plastic Surgery qualifications. Rest assured, you will then be consulting some of the best of the plastic surgical fraternity. More . . .


Treatment :

Sophisticated, Laser / Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) / Pulsed dye lasers / Q-switched lasers etc. are used for treatment of these birthmarks. The affected skin is exposed to controlled emissions of intense pulsed light (Lazer or Non Laser as the requirement may be). This Intense Light Energy is absorbed by the targeted tissues in the layers of the skin and veins carrying blood supply. The effect is fading away of unwanted marks. The treatment is painless and non invasive – meaning that - No cuts, No wounds, No blood, No pain, No stitches and Zero down time !


Period Of

Treatment :


One sitting may last about 30 minutes. The treatment may require more than one sitting – depending on the condition of the skin and the individual’s condition.


Post Operative

Treatment :

Practically nothing specific here since the treatment itself is non invasive. The treating doctor may advise some temporary initial precautions immediately after the treatment.


Facts That You

Should Know:

·    All Types Of Laser Treatments are quite stable in nature and are long lasting.

·    Only Experts can handle Lasers so ensure that the treating Cosmetic Surgeon is both Expert and Experienced.


Before & After Pictorial View :

(Click on Picture For Enlarged View)


Portwine Stain Removed From Cheeks - Before And After  Under The Eyes Removal Of Portwine Stain - Before And After  Portwine Stain Removed From Neck Area - Before And After

Estimated Average Cost

Of Treatment :

For List Of available Costs Click on PRICES. Basis Of Valuation Is (INR = Indian Rupee). Costs vary from Hospital to Hospital and Clinic to Clinic, hence Near Real Costs Can Be Arrived at On Case To Case Basis – depending on the specific needs (CUSTOMIZATION) of the individual.


Facilities Available :

We have Listed these under the heading of FACILITIES the cost of availing any of these is in addition to the cost of treatment.


Contact Surgeon/ Consultant :

We are available 24x7x365 (any time & all the time - irrespective of time zones). You may call over phone or drop a mail. Please click CONTACT US.


During your personal consultation the doctor will provide with the details of the suitable procedure and more complete information, answer any questions that you may have, and address specific goals and expectations.


Health Care Tip :
Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Surgeries Are Safe And do not have any side effects.

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