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Cheeks Augmentation - Sample Picture

The objective of this Cheeks Surgery is to achieve Cheeks Augmentation to enhance the shape and appearance of the cheeks which leads to a fuller and balanced face and a  good social impression. Cheeks Increase procedure is helpful in raising the cheek bones and contouring the face to present a harmonized and balanced overall facial look. This process is called cheeks augmentation procedure and Cheekbone Augmentation Procedure. Cheeks Surgery is totally scar less and achieved by any of the three methods.

  1. By inserting Silicone Cheeks Implants, Synthetic implants or Bone Graft through the mouth. There is no cut or scar on the face. In some cases bone grafts are also inserted. This option gives permanent results. For Procedure Details see below.

  2. By Injecting Dermal Filling or Cheeks Filling. These fillers are of two types viz. Temporary and Permanent. This produces temporary or permanent results depending on the type of filler used. For Procedure Details see below.

  3. By Cheek Fat Grafting. In this procedure patient's own fat is grafted to attain Cheek Augmentation. This is semi permanent since grafted fat cells tend to get absorbed over a period of time. For Procedure Details see below.

A common question arises - which is the best cheeks surgery procedure for me ? Well, it can best be decided at the time of consultation with the cosmetic surgeon / cosmetologist or arbitrarily by the patient, but for the former choice is always better for best cosmetic results. Cheeks Augmentation can be carried out along with face lift Procedure or separately depending on the requirement. If done along with facelift procedure it saves both time and money.

1. Cheeks Implant Procedure :

Cheeks Implants are put into place through a tiny incision in the mouth. Normally this incision is made where the cheek bones and upper gums converge. In some cases a tiny incision is made in the lower eyelid to slide the Cheek Implant at the desired place. Cheeks Implant Surgery is generally performed under General Anesthesia. Time taken in Cheeks Surgery is between 90 minutes to 120 minutes and involves single overnight stay.


There is no visible incision mark or scar. In some cases a bone graft is also used which results in slight scarring at the donor area which normally is hip and is normally covered with clothing. This scar too fades substantially over a period of time.

2. Dermal Filling Procedure :

In case of Dermal Filling, Fillers are injected carefully at the desired area to attain Cheeks Augmented. This Dermal Filling material is well tolerated by human body. This is a scar less procedure.

3. Cheek Fat Grafting Procedure :

This is a dual procedure. First of all fat cells are harvested using mild liposuction from a donor area and then these cells are carefully injected into the desired cheek area to attain Cheeks Increase. Again, it is a scar less procedure.

Results of the Cheeks Augmentation Surgery :

  1. A pleasing, improved face and a boost in self esteem, confidence, good first impression, youthful face, etc.

  2. Normally no side effects.

  3. Recovery Time : 15 days from the date of surgery BUT mobility and light work after 24 hours.

  4. Normal post operative temporary bruising, swelling etc. which are controlled through medication as it heals.

Recommended Surgeon's Profile for Cheeks Cosmetology :

Minimum : M.Ch. - Plastic Surgery (Equiv. to FRCS) + Specially Trained in cheek Procedures + Sufficiently Experienced, more . . .

Cheek Cosmetic Surgery Recommended To Those who have :

  1. Congenitally Deficient Cheeks.

  2. Age Related Cheek Deficiencies.

  3. Cheek Deficiencies caused by some illness.

  4. Cheek Deficiencies caused by any violent happening like an accident, injury etc.

  5. Cheek Deficiencies caused by in appropriate cheek structure.

  6. A face which appears drawn and gaunt.

  7. Sunken Cheeks.

  8. And those who opt for cheek increase due to any reason.

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Cost Of Cheek Augmentation Surgery :

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Health Care Tip :
Liposuction, Tummy Tuck, Breast Surgeries Are Safe And do not have any side effects.

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